7 Dandelion Tea Benefits That You Might Not Know About

Dandelion tea is amongst the most commercially available teas. Referred by most of us as only a weed that develops in our backyard, dandelion has an astounding measure of medical advantages and has been utilized from decades for therapeutic purposes. Dandelion is an awesome wellspring of healthy ingredients like beta carotene, fibre, carotene, minerals, vitamin C etc.   

It is exceptionally well-known in Chinese prescription and is considered to treat the signs of an infected appendix. It can likewise be utilized as a culinary item. American Indian tribes utilized dandelion to treat indigestion, premenstrual syndrome and stomach cramps.

Dandelion Tea Benefits

1. Helps liver cleansing

The dandelion leaf is said to be one of the best liver detoxifiers. It fortifies the generation of bile, which helps the liver dispose of poisons, and also helps in digestion.  

2. Inhibits cancer

Dandelions are filled with antioxidants, which battle free radicals and shield the body from cancer cell development. Luteolin, a vitamin found in dandelion, hinders the creation and multiplication of cancer cells.  

3. Promotes skin health

Dandelion has been utilized to help treat skin ailments, as its fundamental unsaturated fats and phytonutrients battle off aggravation all through the body. Less aggravation in the body means better skin. Its antioxidant and vitamin C content additionally advance skin health.

4. Reduces cholesterol & high blood pressure

Preparatory studies have demonstrated dandelion to lower general cholesterol levels. Dandelion additionally brings down blood pressure as it cleans the blood.

5. Encourages weight loss

Dandelion tea is basically a diuretic, which implies it advances urination so prevents additional water weight in the body. Beat the belly bloat with some dandelion tea!

6. Treats anaemia

Dandelion tea is a powerful contender against iron deficiency. The rich level of iron and vitamin content in dandelion empowers it to reduce the effect of anaemia. It is additionally loaded with vitamin B that helps the platelets to form in a superior level.

7. Retains normal blood pressure level

The high measure of potassium and fibre in dandelion tea helps our body to dispose of the abundance liquid in the body by supplanting sodium. By doing this, it helps us to keep up the ideal blood pressure level.

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