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Oral Hygiene


Grants Toothpaste Cinnamon Zest 110g with Neem Oil

NEW! Grants Cinnamon Zest Toothpaste with Neem Oil has the natural dental health benefits of ce

$4.62 $3.45


Grants Toothpaste Extra Fresh Blue 110g (SLS + flouride free)

Grants Extra Fresh Herbal Toothpaste with organic tea tree oil has a strong, fresh taste, that

$5.08 $3.36


Grants Toothpaste Herb Mineral Green 110g (SLS + flouride free)

Grants Herbal & Mineral Toothpaste with organic Aloe Vera is a mild, pleasant tasting toothpast

$5.08 $4.46


Grants Toothpaste Xylitol Mint with Mild Mint

NEW! Grants Xylotil Mint Toothpaste has a fresh mint flavour and boosted Xylitol content to hel

$6.54 $4.06


Grants Xylitol Natural Mouthwash 500ml

Grants Xylitol Natural Mouthwash is a new healthy way to freshen your breath with the dental he

$16.34 $10.76


Kiwiherb Manuka Mouthwash 100ml

Features & Benefits*A unique formulation of New Zealand native herbal extracts to naturally fre

$27.54 $18.22


Maharishi Ayurveda Ayurdent Toothpaste 75ml

Strengthen your gums and teeth Ayurdent Toothpaste is a non-foaming toothpaste with completely

$12.04 $7.90


Nature’s Sunshine Sunshine Brite Toothpaste SLS free

Our 'all natural mint flavoured' Sunshine Brite Toothpaste leaves the mouth feeling fresh and c

$16.52 $12.15


Natures Goodness Olive Leaf Toothpaste 110g

Active ingredient Olive leaf extractOther ingredients Sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerine, wat

$8.67 $6.26


Natures Goodness Propolis Mouthwash 50ml

Propolis mouthwash has important antibacterial properties, to help maintain a healthy mouth. P

$14.49 $10.04


Natures Goodness Propolis Toothpaste 110g fluoride + SLS free

Natures Goodness Australia Propolis toothpaste is a unique formula to freshen your breath and

$8.67 $5.99


Olive Leaf Mouthwash 500ml

Natures Goodness Olive Leaf Extract Mouthwash is a naturally-based formula which will freshen y

$12.66 $8.96

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