Amazonia Raw Prebiotic GrassFed WPI Vanilla 900g


Amazonia Raw Prebiotic GrassFed WPI Vanilla 900g

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Amazonia Raw prebiotic grass-fed WPI has a complete amino acid profile, is high in BCAAs, low in carbohydrates and lactose and also tastes delicious, making it

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Amazonia Raw prebiotic grass-fed WPI has a complete amino acid profile, is high in BCAAs, low in carbohydrates and lactose and also tastes delicious, making it an ideal and enjoyable way to support muscle recovery between exercise, development of lean muscle mass and active weight management lifestyles. It combines the benefits of sprouted and fermented pea fibre into the blend for superior digestive support. The prebiotics present promote beneficial bacteria in the stomach and assist the body in digesting the overall protein. This means your body can absorb and use more of it, without the digestive complications associated with traditional whey protein supplement. WHY USE AMAZONIA RAW GRASS FED WHEY? Micro-filtered & ultra-filtered whey to eliminate impurities without destroying the natural integrity of the protein structure. Grass-fed whey to ensure the highest quality WPI, with no additives, chemicals, antibiotics or hormones. Sprouted & fermented non-GMO Golden Pea protein, offering an added range of alkaline amino acids. Prebiotic pea fibre to help assist in the maintenance of a healthy gut flora by feeding the good bacteria, therefore supporting the immune system and overall digestion. Added Digestive enzymes for the further assistance and support of effective and efficient protein absorption. Recomended Serving Blend 3 tablespoons (30g), or higher dose as required, into 200ml of water or coconut, almond or rice milk. FAQ’s Can whey protein be classified as raw? It is illegal to import/sell unpasteurised (raw) dairy products (including Whey) as food in Australia (and most of the world) therefore no, it is not raw. The compulsory condition for import into Australia is to be heated at 72°C for a minimum of 15 seconds. Why is this protein classed as an isolate? With whey protein, anything with over 80% protein content is termed an ‘isolate’. Amazonia have avoided using a whey concentrate in this instance, as concentrates are looked at as inferior, cheap and likely to cause digestibility issues (bloating, constipation, etc). Is the whey used in this product denatured? As pasteurisation is required for whey protein in Australia, any whey product can be classified as ‘denatured’. This simply means that the bonds between the amino acids in the protein are broken by the heat. If this didn’t occur, the stomach would need to do this same process (using stomach acid) to break down the protein so that the amino acids can be digested and utilised. Instead of using the term ‘denatured’, we use the more positive phrase for the same effect; ‘pre-digested’. Is they whey sourced from Jersey cows and is it from A1 or A2 milk? The milk is sourced in New Zealand through a dairy co-op, which includes a variety of milk cows including Jersey cows, and the milk is both A1 & A2.

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