Aussie Bodies Protein Fx Lo Carb Choc Mint Bar 60g x 12


Aussie Bodies Protein Fx Lo Carb Choc Mint Bar 60g x 12

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Aussie Bodies: FX Lo Carb Bar Choc Mint – 12 x 60g
Protein FX Lo Carb is
the high-protein chocolate bar that’s super lean for carbs (4g) and sugar (1.9g). The perfect protein bar for all carb-conscious people, whether building lean muscle, toning up, getting ripped or just seeking a delicious treat that won’t impact the waistline.
Protein FX Lo Carb doubles your chocolate pleasure with a soft, cocoa-infused protein fudge coated in real no-added-sugar milk chocolate. Unlike most low carb bars, Protein FX Lo Carb contains no sucralose, aspartame or acesulphame K. Just a naturally rich, chocolatey taste experience from start to finish.Protein FX Lo Carb contains the bodyshaping goodness of 17.6g protein, and is high in fibre for maintaining appetite satisfaction. For an energy-boosting, high-carbohydrate option, choose from the regular Protein FX range.
Features & benefits:
* Only
4g carbs
* 18g protein
* High in fibre
* Premium no-added-sugar milk
chocolate coating
* No sucralose

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2. Use only as directed by the physician. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist,please consult your doctor/healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will advise you whether this product is suitable for your condition. Don't use this product for children without doctor's advice.


Aussie Bodies Protein Fx


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