Cell Logic GliSODin Bioactive 240vc


Cell Logic GliSODin Bioactive 240vc

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GliSODin® BioActive Dispensary Pack 240 Capsules


Clinical data shows that GliSODin may:

Reduce cellular oxidative damage

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GliSODin® BioActive Dispensary Pack 240 Capsules CLINICIAN ONLY PRODUCT Clinical data shows that GliSODin may: Reduce cellular oxidative damage Support cellular antioxidant defences Help maintain healthy blood vessels and cardiovascular health Serving Type: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule (suitable for vegetarians) Clinic Dispensary bottles of 240 capsules Derived from a specially bred, high antioxidant strain of French Cantaloupe (Cucumis melo), GliSODin® boosts the body’s first line of defence against harmful free radicals. Excessive free radicals are a major factor in ageing, inflammation and illness. By stimulating the body’s innate antioxidant defences, GliSODin® may help reduce cellular oxidative damage. GliSODin® provides a safe, effective and unique strategy for enhancing natural cellular defences which are known to decline during illness or with ageing. Clinical trials show that GliSODin® promotes health and well-being by boosting circulating levels of antioxidant defences and helping reduce oxidative damage GliSODin® is a double-patented Cucum is melo melon extract combined with a small amount of gliadin biopolymer. GliSODin’s® Nutrigenomic property is uniquely conferred by the presences of this gliadin biopolymer. This gliadin protects GliSODin® from gastric degradation. Made in Australia under license from Laboratories ISOCELL NUTRA; GliSODin® is the result of extensive and ongoing research by a group of French scientists dedicated to ageing research, especially as it relates to oxidative stress.glisodinisocell Only products bearing this GliSODin® logo may claim to be genuine GliSODin products. Each capsule contains: Cucumis melo juice powder 3.325mg (e quiv. 3.325g fruit powder) This product contains gluten as an essential component. GliSODin® does not contain palm oil. GliSODin® is GMO free. NOTE: This product contains genuine trademarked GliSODin® as developed by Laboratories ISO-CELL NUTRA and used as the bioactive material in a number of clinical trials. Quantity of active ingredient is expressed differently according to local regulatory requirements Adults:&nbs p;Take one capsule twice daily, or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner. Best taken at least 15 minutes before or 2 hours after food. This product contains gluten Store below 30°C in a dry place. May be refrigerated Menvielle-Bourg FJ Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a Powerful Antioxidant, is now Available Orally Phytothérap ie. ;2005;3: 118-121 Bjelakovic G et al Mortality in Randomized Trials of Antioxidant Supplements for Primary and Secondary Prevention: Syst ematic Review and Meta-analysis JAMA. ;2007;297(8):842-857 Halliwell B Free radicals and antioxidants – quo vadis? Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 2011 : 32(3):125-130. Cochéme HM et al Can antioxidants be effective therapeutics? Curr Opin Investig Drugs 2 010:11; 426-431 Trachootham D et al Redox regulation of Cell Survival&nbs p; Antiox & Redox Signalling 20 08 Vol.10(8):1343-1374 Vouldoukis I et al Supp lementation with Gliadin-combined Plant Superoxide Dismutase Extract Promotes Antioxidant Defences and Protects Against Oxidative Stress Phytother. Res. 18, 957–962 (2004) Vouldoukis I et al Antioxidan t and anti-inflammatory properties of a Cucumis melo LC.extract rich in superoxide dismutase activity Journal of Ethnopharmacology 94 (2004) 67–75 Muth C Influence of an Orally Effective SOD on Hyperbaric Oxygen-related Cell Damage Free Radical Research, 38 (9) 2004: 927–932 Bader N Influence of Vitamin C and E Supplementation on Oxidative Stress Induced by HyperbaricOxygen in Healthy Men Ann Nutr Metab 2006;50 :173–176 Cloarec M et al &nbs p;GliSODin, a Vegetal SOD with Gliadin as Preventative Agent vs. Atherosclerosis as Confirmed with Carotid Ultrasound-B imaging.&nbs p; Eur Ann Allergy Clin Immunol. 2007:39(2): 45-50

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