Efamol Efalex 500ml liquid


Efamol Efalex 500ml liquid

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Efalex is a unique DHA-rich combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil providing the important nutrients DHA and GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid), which play a vital role in eye and brain function, both in the early years of our development and throughout our adult lives. Learning ability in humans begins to show itself early on in childhood. Some parents discover that although their children are intelligent and creative, they can find everyday tasks daunting and some may even demonstrate unruly or disruptive behaviour. The unique Efalex formulation contains the three important fatty acids DHA, AA and GLA as well as the antioxidant vitamin E, which has been shown to help protect fatty acids. Efalex can be taken by all children and adults to help ensure that your diet consists of sufficient levels of the important fatty acids and was formulated for people in a learning environment.




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