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Four Leaf White Chick Peas 350g


Four Leaf White Chick Peas 350g

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$6.93 $5.12
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Product Description

White Chick Peas

Also known as Garbanzo Beans – whole grain chick pea.
Suitable for soups, curries or pasta sauces.
Chick peas, as well as other legumes, are high in soluble fibre, which decreases serum glucose and cholesterol and decreases insulin requirements for diabetics.
Chick peas are also high in protein, as well as calcium and iron
Uses include Hummos.

Note: Use only as directed by the physician. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor/healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will advise you whether this product is suitable for your condition. Don't use this product for children without doctor's advice.

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