Just Jerky Original 50g


Just Jerky Original 50g

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“Kolorex Advanced Candida Care 30c helps maintain balanced intestinal microflora Taking a course of antibiotics? Diet high in sugars and carbohydrates? Stressfu

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“Kolorex Advanced Candida Care 30c helps maintain balanced intestinal microflora Taking a course of antibiotics? Diet high in sugars and carbohydrates? Stressful lifestyle? Intestinal upset? If so, you may have upset your normalCandida balance. KOLOREX® ADVANCED CANDIA CARE SOFTGELS An imbalance in our normal gut microflora may result in varied signs, such as digestive upset, excessive gas, bloated stomach and lethargy. Our normal “”microflora balance”” can be adversely affected by many factors, the most common of which are poor diet (for example a diet high in processed food, sweet or alcoholic beverages), stress, and certainprescription drugs, in particular broad-spectrum antibiotics. If your intestinal balance has been upset, a liquid extract of Active Horopito™ from New Zealand may provide the answer you are looking for. Kolorex® Advanced Candia Care softgels contain a patented liquid extract of Active Horopito™ to help restore balance to your intestinal microflora. Kolorex® Advanced Candia Care provides a gentle action; delivering the benefits of supercritical CO2extracted Active Horopito™: Enhanced absorption Easy to swallow Uniform dosing Tamper resistant Improved stability Purity and consistency Attractive presentation No bad taste Superior delivery system designed for safety and efficacy The human body naturally breaks down supplements into liquids that can be absorbed. Now, liquid-filled Kolorex® Candia Care Softgels take advantage of this inherent fact. An estimated 22 million Americans are impacted by Candida overgrowth, which can manifest itself with a variety of symptoms such as intestinal problems, vaginitis in women, thrush in children and athlete’s foot. Candida, a naturally occurring organism, can grow out of control due to a number of “”triggers,”” including stress, the use of antibiotics and the American diet. Left untreated, this subtle fungus has the potential to result in death as it disrupts the body’s normal microflora balance. To counteract Candida overgrowth,Kolorex® Advanced Candia Careuses a patented extraction technology to blend Active Horopito™ with olive oil to deliver gentle, more natural absorption. According to Dr. Christopher Lepisto, ND, “”Although a normal inhabitant of the human digestive tract from early infancy, this member of the yeast family is an opportunist looking for just the right conditions to grow and become a persistent pathogen. Laboratory studies show Active Horopito™ is more useful than Pau d’Arco, oregano oil or olive leaf extract in helping the body restore its natural microflora balance.”””

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