Melrose Omega Care Flaxseed seeds 500g


Melrose Omega Care Flaxseed seeds 500g

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Increasingly consumers are seeking functional foods like flaxseed to promote health benefits as part of their regular diets. Flaxseed contains Protein Omega-3 fatty acid (ALA) dietary fibre and lignans. Flaxseed contains 20% protein to support muscle development. Melrose Organic Omega-3 Flaxseed is whole seed. It still contains 41% oil which over half of this oil is the Omega-3 essential fatty acid & alpha linolenic acid (ALA).

Flaxseed contains soluble and insoluble fibre. Soluble fibre may assist to lower blood cholesterol levels while insoluble fibre moves the stool through the colon more quickly helping bowel movements.

Flaxseed is also one of the richest plant sources of lignans providing up to 800 times more lignans than most other foods in a vegetarian diet. Lignans are phytoestrogens compounds that have been shown in laboratory studies of animals to help protect against certain kinds of cancer by blocking tumour formation.

The omega-3 fatty acids have a balancing role in the diet. They correct imbalances in modern diets that lead to health problems. Nutritionists caution that the amount of omega-3 fatty acids eaten by Australians no longer meets our bodies needs. You can balance your consumption of fatty acids by adding flax to your diet.




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