Oil Garden Aromatherapy Cypress Oil 12ml


Oil Garden Aromatherapy Cypress Oil 12ml

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Do not use during pregnancy.

* Temporary relief from the discomfort of HAEMORRHOIDS: mix 6 drops cypress oil to 10ml hypericum oil: apply locally. If symptoms persist consult a health care professional.
* To assist in the maintenance of PERIPHERAL CIRCULATION: (M).
* Temporary relief of MUSCULAR PAINS (M): affected area.
* Assists in the treatment of FLUID RETENTION: (M) firmly. If fluid retention persists seek medical advice.
* Suitable as a cosmetic oil for oily skin: (C,M) with jojoba carrier oil.

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2. Use only as directed by the physician. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist,please consult your doctor/healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will advise you whether this product is suitable for your condition. Don't use this product for children without doctor's advice.


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