Reach for Life Aqua Sil (3% H2O2) 1L


Reach for Life Aqua Sil (3% H2O2) 1L

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Reach for Life: Aqua-Sil (3% H2O2) – 1Ltr

“The patented non chlorine disinfectant”

Aqua-sil is a modern disinfectant which can economically and safely clean drinking water. When dosed into water Aqua-sil releases millions of oxygen particles & by its synergistic effect with the silver ions, destroys bacteria and viruses present in the water. Additionally it also neutralizes any chlorine residuals whilst oxygenating the water giving it a fresh feel and taste.

Aqua-sil is 100% non toxic and is safe to consume in certain doseages. With many household uses Aqua-sil is a great product for a clean and healthy home.

A little Aqua-sil goes a long way

For the sanitation of water only 1ml per litre of water is required. This means that from one Aqua-sil bottle you can purify up to one thousand litres of water! Aqua-sil also has an amazing shelf life at a minimum of 2 years. The quality and power of Aqua-sil does not degrade over time if correct precautions are taken when using Aqua-sil.

Reasons why not to use chlorine based disinfectants

Chlorine has long been the subject of extreme controversy. Originally chlorine was used as a poison during the first world war to kill opposing soldiers in the field. When chlorine is dosed into water, it forces the water to give up its oxygen and through this process bacteria and viruses are killed. This process lowers the oxygen content of the water and forms the chemical compound Tri Halogen Methane (THM) which has been related to cancer.

Possible applications

For a full list of applications and dosages please view this page: Link. One useful application is the sanitation and disinfection of drinking water, making Aqua-sil helpful when needing to drink water overseas. Aqua-sil can also be used in the kitchen as a non toxic general disinfectant, which is recommended as most disinfectants are chlorine or toxic based which can be harmful. Vegetables can be soaked in diluted Aqua-sil to increase freshness.

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2. Use only as directed by the physician. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist,please consult your doctor/healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will advise you whether this product is suitable for your condition. Don't use this product for children without doctor's advice.


Reach for Life


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