Spiral Foods (Muso Co) Hatcho Miso (Soybean) 400g


Spiral Foods (Muso Co) Hatcho Miso (Soybean) 400g

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Organic Hatcho Miso is a fermented soybean paste made by steaming soybeans only and allowing them to sit in cedar vats for 2 years. During fermentation, the complex proteins, oils and carbohydrates of grains and soybeans are broken down into more readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars. Our misos are naturally fermented in cedar kegs, making them a traditional Japanese food. They also contain living enzymes, which aids digestion and provides a nutritious balance of natural carbohydrates, protein, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Hatcho Miso is often used for Miso soup as well as dipping sauce.

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Spiral Foods (Muso Co)


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